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Commercial Equipment Lender

These lenders provide equipment loans.  Equipment acquisition loans are typically set as individual term notes, uncommitted lines of credit (guidance lines of credit) or committed lines of credit (client is provided a commitment letter and the funds are available during the funding period).

In the restaurant and retail fields, the necessary equipment is vital in order to continue operations and provide the goods and services consumers need on an ongoing basis. However, finding the funding for this commercial equipment can be challenging. Stoves, dishwashers, refrigeration units, display cases and lighting fixtures are all part of the commercial equipment used in the typical retail or restaurant establishment. Commercial equipment lenders consider a number of factors and can provide several different ways for businesses to structure lending for commercial equipment acquisition. Depending on the structure of the loan, businesses can make regular payments or establish an ongoing line of credit for these major purchases.

Some lenders for commercial equipment provide commitment letters or other legal guarantees that allow businesses to acquire their equipment independently. Much like an auto finance pre-approval letter, these documents provide evidence to vendors that the company is financially capable of paying for the equipment even before the retail establishment is fully operational. Most commercial equipment lenders make the cash available at the time of delivery to ensure the timely delivery of this equipment for the company's operations. Qualified commercial establishments may also be able to establish lines of credit that allow for ongoing purchases on an as-needed basis. Finally, direct financing of the necessary equipment may be available from the commercial equipment lender.

CNF Exchange provides retail and commercial companies with access to lenders for commercial equipment through its online system. By connecting qualified borrowers with lenders for commercial equipment acquisitions, CNF Exchange can often create a mutually beneficial relationship between both parties to these complex financial transactions. This can allow commercial companies to enjoy added flexibility when acquiring new equipment and can provide added financial security for commercial equipment lenders, making it a win-win for both parties and a solid investment in the future.



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