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Cash Flow Forecast

Cash flow analysis is one of the most important elements in evaluating companies for potential lending arrangements. Banks, credit unions and other lending institutions depend on cash flow projections to determine the financial health of the company in question and to provide them with a reliable risk analysis model on which they can base their lending decisions. Within the business world, maintaining a working cash flow model is necessary in order to anticipate potential shortfalls and to take steps to address them quickly and effectively. Cash flow forecasting methods typically cover only a limited period of time, making them a viable way to determine risk over the selected period and to evaluate lending requirements effectively. CNF Exchange’s proprietary cash flow forecast program uses complex algorithms to create a working model for the company's likely financial situation in coming months and years, making them a valuable resource for lenders and business managers alike.

Companies can utilize CNF Exchange’s cash flow forecast model output to provide added information for lenders. The online interface allows businesses to upload their financing requirements and corporate information securely, providing them with additional avenues for acquiring funding and managing their financial situations more effectively. By incorporating cash flow analysis data into the loan application, businesses can present a finished application that requires less due diligence on the part of the lender. This can improve the chances for achieving a workable financial arrangement with investors and can provide businesses with the edge they need for continued growth and success in the competitive marketplace.