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Business Loan Due Diligence

The are many factors that are examined in the underwriting process.  Making it as easy as possible for lenders to complete their due diligence will assist with your loan request.

A complete and comprehensive business loan application is the first step toward acquiring the necessary funding for a variety of business needs. In most cases, this application is also the first contact lenders have with the prospective borrower. By creating a clear, concise and easy-to-understand loan application and including all relevant information for the lender, loan applicants can make it much simpler for the lender to perform business loan due diligence on the funding request. This can, in turn, increase the chances of receiving funding for the business loan request and may allow businesses to achieve more favorable terms if the loan application is completed and accepted.

For business loans, due diligence usually includes verifying the information provided on the application through independent sources. Income levels, profits, operating expenses and the value of collateral will all be verified during this stage of the business lending due diligence process. The credit history of the company will be examined; in most cases, the owners and primary shareholders in the company may be scrutinized as well to determine their own financial stability and current state of financial affairs. This in-depth look at the financial records and histories of all involved parties is at the heart of the business lender's due diligence process. Once the process is complete, lenders will have the necessary information to make a determination regarding approval or denial of the loan request.

CNF Exchange can help businesses improve the quality of their application to make it easier for investors to perform the business loans due diligence required before approval can be given. This can streamline the lending process and put cash in the hands of borrowers more quickly. By considering the due diligence required for the business loan application process, borrowers can also present themselves in a more positive and professional light and make a favorable impression on the loan officer assigned to their application. CNF Exchange can provide valuable advice to help businesses put their best foot forward in the highly competitive lending marketplace.



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