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Building Construction Loans

Before requesting a building construction loan a developer should first analyze the economics of the project.  In analyzing the economics of a project, the first two areas of concern are market reliability for the particular type of property and its intended location.  Comparable properties are analyzed with emphasis on occupancy levels and rates of lease up or sellout as well as future projects that would compete and potentially impair the performance of the project being considered.

Building construction is a major expense for most small to medium-sized businesses and can cause significant disruptions in some cases. Creating the right facilities and office space for the company can make a major improvement in the state of operations throughout the enterprise. By expanding the space available in smaller manufacturing plants and office areas, employees can enjoy added room for a variety of corporate activities. Updating public areas of the company can boost the overall appeal to consumers as well, so building construction can often pay for itself in enhanced productivity and an improved public reputation.

Building construction loans can be secured using the building property or other real estate as collateral. In some cases, building construction lenders can take other forms of collateral in order to finance the building project. Lenders who offer building construction loans typically require extensive information about the applicant company, including current financials, the business plan and a well-written proposal regarding the purpose of the construction project and its planned benefits to the small business enterprise. Building construction lenders also consider the collateral of the borrower when making a final determination regarding approval of these loans.

CNF Exchange can provide a valuable resource to connect qualified borrowers with the right building construction lender for their expansion or renovation needs. The innovative CNF Exchange platform provides an exclusive venue for borrowers and lenders to meet on an equal footing and to find the right match for managing the costs of new building construction. This can help businesses find the funding they need to expand and pave the way for future growth.


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