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Borrowers looking to finance their business, venture, or commercial real estate transaction can be connected to direct lenders & investors by using CNF Exchange.

The lending market can be challenging for borrowers, especially those new to the business lending marketplace. Borrowing capital for expansions or improvements to the existing business can provide added avenues for achieving higher revenues. Short-term business borrowing is a valuable tool for managing temporary cash flow difficulties. Real estate borrowing agreements can allow small business owners to acquire new properties and new facilities when required. Finally, venture borrowing is sometimes necessary to explore new strategies and new ways to expand into new industries and new territories. Each of these borrowing solutions can provide much needed cash on hand for small business owners and can resolve both long-term and short-term financial difficulties.

In order to obtain the necessary funds, small business borrowers typically must complete an application that includes all relevant information about the company. The borrower will be required to give data on the past three years of the company's operations that includes net and gross profits, business plan and the names and vital information on all major shareholders and all company owners. If collateral will be used to secure the loan, the borrower will also be required to provide proof of ownership and some other information about the property to be used as that collateral. The lender may also require an independent appraisal of the collateral or may conduct such an appraisal directly.

CNF Exchange makes it easier for small businesses to find the right lending solutions for their short-term and long-term borrowing needs. Whether the company requires a new facility or simply a remodel of its existing premises, it can find the right lending solution through CNF Exchange and its innovative approach that connects borrowers with lenders to provide benefits to both parties. Lenders can locate highly qualified borrowers in the small business environment, and small businesses can find solutions for their ongoing financial needs.



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