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Apply For A SBA Loan

Applying for a SBA Loan can be simplified by using CNF Exchange.  There are many different formats you can use for an SBA loan program proposal.  When writing your proposal, don't assume the Lender is familiar with your industry or your individual business.  Always include industry-specific details so the Lender can understand how your particular business is run and what industry trends affect it.

CNF Exchange is a valuable financing source if you’re a franchisor looking to help your franchisees secure a SBA commercial loan. And if you’re a franchisee looking for the funding to add business locations, CNF Exchange can help. We can create for you the highly accurate business plan you need to make a SBA commercial loan possible.

Other valuable CNF Exchange benefits for lenders and borrowers include:

  • Unique Rewards Program: gain free advertising by inviting your business contacts to sign up
  • Press Room: share your successes and enhance you marketing efforts
  • Secure Document Management: convenient document uploading and sharing tool

If you’re a lender, you also get:

  • Access to matching financing requests to help you generate more leads
  • Advanced search capabilities to minimize browsing time
  • Notification of new borrower posting by local area, by state or on a nationwide basis

And for borrowers:

  • Find interested lenders/investors quickly and easily
  • Compare multiple loan proposals for the best terms
  • Work with a dedicated CNF senior analyst for effective loan document preparation

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