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Accounts Receivable Funding

Accounts receivable may be created by a business when it sells merchandise or performs a service subject to the stipulations of a written contract signed by both parties.

In this case, the seller must perform to certain specifications and/or within specific time frames established in the contract.  A valid receivable is not created until such performance is completed by the seller and then accepted by the buyer.  Some contracts provide for interim payments also known as progress billings or payments.  Other contracts provide for payment only after all the requirements of the contract have been met.  Many companies utilize receivables as a quick way to obtain funding.

In the small business marketplace, identifying the most useful receivables for use in acquiring necessary funding requires a thorough knowledge of the financial marketplace and the credit standings of the various companies involved. Companies with solid credit histories are more likely to pay their debts in a timely way; as a result, small businesses can more easily find the necessary financing by selecting the accounts receivable collateral carefully. Because accounts receivable funding is dependent upon the eventual payment of the sums due, small businesses can acquire more working capital and more favorable terms from lenders by choosing the right accounts for their funding requests.

Managing cash flow difficulties can be exceptionally challenging in today's economic climate. Account receivable funding can be a valuable tool in weathering the period between when services are rendered or goods are delivered and the eventual time of payment for those goods and services. By using CNF Exchange to obtain the right account receivable funding arrangements, small businesses can often manage these financial obligations more readily and can enjoy added flexibility in managing their ongoing operations. CNF Exchange makes it simple to obtain accounts receivable funding for an extensive range of business needs and ongoing expenses.



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