Business Plans

Business plans are used by many lenders & investors to help with their decision to lend or invest capital.  They are essential if you are looking for start-up capital, SBA loans, or are a small business or growth stage company that requires financing to fund growth, acquisitions, management and leveraged buyouts, or refinance corporate debt.  If properly developed, business plans can act as a prospectus to raise growth capital. 

To successfully raise capital, the Company’s business plan must be both strategic and attainable.  The Company must include historical and projected financials to demonstrate the viability of its capacity to grow and the expected results with the requested financing.  A business plan should tell the Company’s story while accurately reflecting its current and future financial performance. 

We deliver captivating business plans that are proven to be more appealing and effective than the product of any business plan software.  We will first provide you with a Business Plan Workbook. Once the borrower completes the workbook to the best of their ability, we will provide a 14-16 page business plan that will be sure to grab the attention of the lender or investor.  When this option is selected, business plans are prepared in place of the Complete Financial Package.

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